Lake Arrowhead: Posters, Comics and Doodles Galore!

Two weeks or so ago, Hannah and I presented posters on our respective seagrass microbiome work at the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics meeting. Attending the meeting was a wonderful experience for both of us and the talks and people were just phenomenal! For a brief overview of each day and the accompanying storify see: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. Some of the talks and posters were uploaded to F1000.


On the left you can see me dutifully standing in front of my poster. On the right you can see Hannah explaining her poster to a fellow LAMG-er! Hannah’s poster is one of the ones uploaded to F1000 and can be found here.

My poster can be seen below – I took inspiration from comic books when coming up with the design.


Of course, taking inspiration from comic books then meant I was obligated to produce a comic version of my poster which you can see below!


And to conclude some of my favorite doodles from my Lake Arrowhead notes:

From Nancy Moran’s talk:


From Nicole Perna’s talk:


From Jenna Morgan Lang’s talk:


From Jeffrey Foster’s talk:


From Jennifer Gardy’s talk: (inspired by the “cat break”)


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