installing IPython notebook

Yesterday, I installed macqiime, and today, I have just a few minutes to install IPython notebook.

Installation instructions are here:

pip install "ipython[notebook]"

This didn’t work because I don’t have pip. Instructions for installing pip:

It says that pip should be included with Python 2.7.9 and later, and (according to the handy qiime config output from yesterday) I know that I have 2.7.3.

It seems dumb to just install pip, because I’ll probably need to install lots of other things as well. I should probably upgrade to a later version of python, but in my experience, upgrading python breaks all sorts of things. However, I have nothing to lose, since this is a brand new machine, so I installed the Anaconda distribution of python.

…and now pip works and I have IPython notebook!

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