Potomac River Samples – Finally, DNA

At last, all the Potomac River Seagrass samples have had their DNA extracted via MoBio Powersoil kits (reagents, tubes, and pipettes, oh my!). All the samples showed promising amounts of DNA going into PCR. Unfortunately, after doing the first 12 samples and finding only 4 that amplified, I’m a little discouraged. I still have the rest of the ~60 samples to go through, so hopefully there will be enough bacterial DNA to amplify in the rest of the samples to do some meaningful analyses. I suspect most of the DNA extracted was non-bacterial though, so it might be hard getting sequences from these plants.

About aalexiev

I graduated from University of California, Davis with a Microbiology degree, and am now working towards my PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My interest lies in how microbial communities interact with their environments and hosts.

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