Congratulations Henna!

It has been the privilege for the Eisen lab to host Henna Hundal, a high school senior, radio show host and soon-to-be certified yoga instructor, on a six-week summer research project. Henna was part of UC Davis’ prestigious Young Scholars Program.


For the wet lab portion of Henna’s project, she focused on the Seagrass Microbiome which involved growing and isolating microbes from seawater on LB that she helped collect from tanks of Zostera marina at Bodega Bay.


As part of the Young Scholar’s Program, Henna had to make a scientific poster of her intended project, write a 10-30 page final paper and give a 10 minute presentation on her project. For extra credit (because Henna was magnificently studious) she also turned her powerpoint presentation into a makeshift poster.

The best explanation of Henna’s summer project was the one that Henna gave herself. As an experienced radio show host, Henna was a natural presenter. Henna’s final presentation was recorded and can be viewed: HERE.

As a whole, we are unbelievably proud of the work that Henna did while in the lab and would be happy to have her back anytime! She is an amazing young scientist and effective science communicator and we have no doubt about her future success! So congratulations Henna on being made of awesome!

1 thought on “Congratulations Henna!

  1. Awww thank you so much!!! 😀 This is so kind!! I honestly had the best six weeks ever working with you guys, and I so miss getting to come to lab!

    I actually just came back from a leadership program, and at the program, I won an Inspiration Award and got to talk about my work in the Eisen lab! People were so intrigued by the work I got to do with you guys, and I must admit myself, I had a super cool project!! I’m so blessed!

    Now that I’m like finally back and in the swing of things, I’d love to finish the last steps of the workflow and write up that genome announcement. I’ll be sure to keep you apprised as I work through it and/or if I encounter any troubles!

    Once again, thank you so very much for this amazing blog post, and for all of your invaluable help this summer. I hope you all are doing well! Miss you guys!


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