What’s that in my Seagrass?

This past weekend we took Bethany Dixon (@MsBethDixon)’s class of AP Bio students out to Bodega Marine Laboratory to make winogradsky columns from seagrass sediments. For more information about what we were doing, why we did it and what the heck a winogradsky column is see Jenna’s previous posts, AP Bio Winogradskies and AP Bio Winogradskies Pt 2. As part of the experience, the students had to opportunity to wade out into a seagrass meadow to collect samples and thus the mysteries begin! Follow along on twitter with #APBioGradsky!



What is that I see in my seagrass roots? What is that is that sticky white stuff? Fungi? Underwater spiderweb?


When placed underwater this strange organism looks like a wiggly worm brain – what the heck is it?? Zombie slug?

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